Case Study

Non Profit Education Firm SharePoint Website

Project Description:  Non Profit Education Firm SharePoint website was developed for a global client. The objective of the project was to develop a website to improve the life opportunities of low-income children and families. It is SharePoint2010 design project.

Technology Used: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, SQL server 2008 and Web services.

Problem  The number of people wanting better life opportunities was higher and a solution was needed wherein all the unprivileged individuals could have a platform where they could opt for various programs online.

Solution: The Kotecso Team developed a website that enabled the client to provide a platform which is user-friendly and easily accessible from anywhere. Development of this website involves a display place of various opportunities like adult education, housing, youth leadership, employment etc. It provides a gateway for the society who can donate using E Donate option. This website is mainly focused to bring about positive community change. The website has an inbuilt calendar which displays all the upcoming events and other details associated with the event.

Deployment: The Non Profit Education Firm SharePoint website is to make provisions of education, social health services and community development. The website was completed within the stipulated time and budget.