Case Study

Web 2.0 Project Case Study

Project Description: The client is a leading provider of luxury car rental services. The client wanted to build a website with significant functionality that would attract new customers and streamline the complete rental operation. The Kotecso Team was provided with a website design template and was asked to build the complex site functionality.

Technology Used: Microsoft .NET, SQL Server , Microsoft AJAX.NET, YouTube API, PayPal Payment API, Fax Integration API

Solution: The Kotecso Team worked with the customer to understand the needs of the business and the complex process that needed to be implemented to the website.

The site administrators were provided with an administration area to manage all areas of the site. A feature rich content management system was developed to allow administrators to manage all content including

- The ability to create/modify car profiles by various locations in the country
- Assign car model numbers and logos; create car descriptions and the rates associated.
- The ability to associate YouTube videos automatically to the car profile
- Associate prices for daily, weekly and monthly rentals
- Member only specials.

Every time a car was added, it could be automatically added to the scrolling images on the home page. Once the profiles were created, prospective customers were able to use the user friendly AJAX powered search engine to look for preferred luxury cars. Once the customer found the car that they liked, the customer had the option of reserving the car using a credit card. The customer was redirected to the payment gateway to facilitate credit card payment with the amount due.

Once the payment was done, the customer was led back to the site with a confirmation number and an email confirmation with all of the relevant rental details. The customer was now able to go pick up the car on the date chosen. Customers are also invited to be part of the website membership club for a fee. Club Members are presented with special discounts on all of the latest luxury cars. Each time a Club member rents a car, the fee is deducted from their membership account.

The administrator is automatically notified when a car is rented and is able to use the administrator module to manage all reservations. A fax is also automatically sent to the renting location using a fax API  informing the rental location to expect the customer and make the car ready for use. The system keeps track of all reservations on a calendar to manage car availability for booking. The administrator also has the ability to spot block a few dates if a specific car became unavailable for unforeseeable reasons.

The entire website was Search Engine Optimized (SEO) from the very beginning. All URL’s are specifically created dynamically to be search engine friendly. All of the profile tags and keywords are automatically generated every time a car profile is created or modified. Sitemaps are also automatically generated every time a new car is added to reflect the new addition.

Deployment: The project was completed on schedule and well within budget. The site is currently live and is very successful in attracting and retaining customers.