Expertise - Business web applications

Custom web applications and web design for small and large businesses are our specialties. We offer a range of web application development services by helping you design and launch a simple, yet powerful website to help you promote your business’s products and services online.

Web applications are dynamic, interactive systems that help businesses perform business critical tasks and that increase and measure their productivity. Business applications range in type from invoicing for freelancers to content management systems to document management systems to banking and financial systems.

Open systems are online applications that are easily accessible to anyone who opens an account. Users can access such applications via the Web and can open an account for free or by paying a fee. Closed systems (or line-of-business applications) are usually not accessible outside the company that uses it, and they can be considered “offline” applications (though many systems expose their functionality to business partners via either services or specialized interfaces). Such systems usually run on the company’s local network and are available only to employees.

Advantages are:

1. Simplified Communications
2. Streamlined System Deployment
3. Reduced administrative expenses