Case Study

Online Order Management System

Project Description: The online order management system was developed for an Australian client. The objective of the project was developing a new system to maintain, manage and process orders submitted by the clients with enhanced functionality.

Technology Used: ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX , SQL Server 2008, Windows Services, SQL reporting services, JavaScript

Solution: The Kotecso Team developed an online order management system that enabled the company to access the system from anywhere and also provide a platform for the clients, editors and administrator to process the order placed by the clients with added functionality. Development of this system involves three-fold process:

Client module - The new clients register themselves. Once the client registers their homepage is displayed where they place a new order. They can also view their order by clicking on View my recent orders. Order are documents.

Admin module - Administrator then processes the orders. Every order requires documents to be prepared and fees to be calculated whether it is to be confirmed immediately or quoted first. Any orders that require confirmation immediately will appear as follows.

Editor module - The editor views and participate in discussions, updates his/her availability for editing jobs and can also view details of completed jobs. • Additional functionality includes Reminder service - The reminder service will send a Job offer or Follow-up request email to each member of the editing team for each order or follow-up request. If SMS notification option is selected, then the system will also send an SMS. If a response to a job offer has not been received within the set time then the system will send an Awaiting acceptance reminder email. The job may then be reallocated to another editor, in which case, the system will send a Job reallocated notification email. Status Updates – This gives the status of the documents submitted by the clients to the Admin and the editors. .

Deployment: The online order management system replaced the already existing system with additional enhancements like improved error handling and reporting, utility to merge duplicate clients, maintain banners and archive old order and job records. The order management system helps the company to process the orders placed by the clients in a more effective and systematic way. Furthermore, the system also allows the staff/employee to check/keep track of the orders placed for the past 5 years.